Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

TERMS & CONDITIONS Last updated on January 28, 2019. Whenever these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions” or “Terms”) are modified we will signify that changes have been made by updating the date displayed in this statement. This document is always available on the website. 1. Definitions. a) CoWork Bristol’ is an Assumed Name of Summit Consulting Services, Inc., a Tennessee Corporation. b) ‘Member’ refers to any individual that has agreed to entering a Membership License Agreement with CoWork Bristol c) ‘Guest’ refers to any non-Member, whether client, co-worker, customer, contractor, or otherwise, that is invited to CoWork Bristol by a Member. d) ‘Premises’ refers to the building located at 1227 Volunteer Parkway Bristol, TN 37620. e) ‘Common Areas’ refer to such areas of the Premises as CoWork Bristol may from time to time designate for common use of its members, which shall include bathrooms, Lobby, halls, Kitchen, Break room, Café, Library, and Apex Room. f) ‘Amenities’ refers to all other services, benefits, or products as may be offered to Members by CoWork Bristol as part of their Membership, such as office furniture and equipment, coffee, tea, snacks, kitchen appliances, internet access, and services. Amenities are subject to change from time to time and without notice at the sole discretion of CoWork Bristol. 2. Membership Benefits. CoWork Bristol offers various Memberships with various levels of access to the Common Areas and Amenities and respective pricing, as specified on the website. 3. Guest Policy. Members may invite Guests to CoWork Bristol for meetings with the Member to take place in a Common Area or in a reserved meeting room. For any independent use, Guests will be required to purchase a day-pass. Member will be solely responsible for all actions of their Guests on or about the Premises and will ensure Guests’ compliance with CoWork Bristol’s policy as outlined in this document and all applicable laws and regulations. Guests are expected to be continuously accompanied by the Member inviting them. 4. Pricing. Membership costs will be displayed in the website. CoWork Bristol, in its sole discretion and at any time, may modify the Membership pricing. Any pricing change will not become effective until after the completion of the billing cycle during which they are announced. 5. Billing. Payments for Memberships are due in advance, on the 1st of the month, will be billed monthly until the Membership is terminated, are non-refundable, and are non-transferable. A valid U.S. credit or debit card or checking account is required for Memberships, with accurate and complete billing information including full name, address, state, zip code, telephone number, and valid payment method information. By submitting such payment information, Members automatically authorize CoWork Bristol to charge all fees incurred through an account to any such payment instruments. If a payment is not received on the due date, CoWork Bristol may, without limiting its other rights and remedies, cancel or suspend the Membership. 6. Membership Modification and Termination. Subject to the terms and conditions of this paragraph 6, including proper advanced notice where required, Members may terminate their Membership or modify their Membership to a different Membership type. Terminations and modifications by Members require written notice to CoWork Bristol prior to the first day of the billing period for which they are to take effect. Retroactive changes are not allowed; late notices of termination or modification will defer the request until the next following billing period. A written notice to CoWork Bristol may be sent to Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, CoWork Bristol may terminate a Membership with advanced notice to member prior to and effective as of the first day of any billing period, or at any time immediately and without notice, for any material violation of the Membership Agreement or Terms and Conditions in which case CoWork Bristol will refund any amounts paid for unused periods that remain after deducting any pending charges or other amounts owed, on a prorated basis. 7. Use of Common Areas. CoWork Bristol shall provide Members with nonexclusive access to the Common Areas, subject to the Membership Agreement, Terms and Conditions and the level of Membership purchased by the Member. Member shall restrict its use of the Premises to the Common Areas absent a written agreement with CoWork Bristol providing otherwise. Member shall be provided with access (keycard(s) and/or keyfob(s)) to access the Premises if included in the specific Membership. Keys and keycards are strictly personal and are not to be shared with others. A fee of $20 applies for a set of (replacement) keyfobs and keycards. 8. Network Access. CoWork Bristol provides 1GB of shared fiber internet through wired wall ports and wireless access and will make all reasonable effort to ensure Member’s network access. CoWork Bristol does not guarantee internet connectivity or bandwidth. Planned outages and maintenance windows will occur after regular business hours and with 24 hours’ notice when at all possible. Use of internet is intended for legal nature only. Member agrees to assume all legal liability for activity traversing their data connection adhering to local, state and federal laws. Use of internet access is expected to be typical for day to day operations of a business, which is to be determined at CoWork Bristol’s sole discretion. 9. Rules of Conduct. Members and their Guests are required to comply with the following rules of conduct to ensure a safe environment and shall not: a) maintain or store any inventory of goods on the Premises. b) conduct illegal activities on or about the Premises or use the Premises for illegal purposes. c) tamper with, borrow, or remove property kept in another Member’s area without their express permission. d) cause or permit any hazardous substance to be used, stored, generated, released or disposed of on the Premises. “Hazardous” shall be determined in sole discretion of CoWork Bristol. e) act in a manner that, in CoWork Bristol’s sole discretion, does or is likely to adversely affect the peaceful operation and enjoyment of the Premises of CoWork Bristol, including without limitation creating any unreasonable disturbance to occupants of the CoWork Bristol Premises or Summit employees, Member Guests, or others. 10. INDEMNIFICATION. MEMBER RELEASES, AND HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND SAVE HARMLESS COWORK BRISTOL AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, AND THEIR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AGENTS, SHAREHOLDERS, MEMBERS, REPRESENTATIVES, EMPLOYEES, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, JOINTLY AND INDIVIDUALLY, FROM AND AGAINST ALL CLAIMS, LIABILITIES, LOSSES, DAMAGES, COSTS, EXPENSES, JUDGMENTS, FINES AND PENALTIES BASED UPON OR ARISING OUT OF MEMBER’S NEGLIGENT ACTIONS, ERRORS AND OMISSIONS, WILLFUL MISCONDUCT AND FRAUD IN CONNECTION WITH MEMBER’S PARTICIPATION IN OR USE OF THE MEMBERSHIP SERVICES. MEMBER FURTHER AGREES IN THE EVENT MEMBER BRINGS A CLAIM OR LAWSUIT IN VIOLATION OF THIS AGREEMENT, MEMBER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY ATTORNEY FEES AND COSTS INCURRED BY COWORK BRISTOL OR ITS RESPECTIVE OFFICERS AND AGENTS IN CONNECTION WITH THE DEFENSE OF SUCH CLAIM OR LAWSUIT.